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Make New Neighbors Your Newest Customers

Want to welcome new neighbors to your community, and at the same time build loyal relationships? Consider offering a move-in packet or folder with in-store discounts and community information.

Remember, new homeowners are likely to spend a significant amount of time and money on home improvements and repairs within the first few months of buying a home. Get them into your store early, when they’ve just moved to the area, and they’ll get in the habit of shopping there regularly.

Here are a few things you can include:

  • Your business card.
  • Information about your rewards program, if you have one.
  • Information about any extras you offer in your store.
  • Information about other local businesses.
  • Coupons. Think about what new homeowners need—primer, paint and house keys are on the top of many new homeowners’ to-buy lists. Offer a discount or free item on their first purchase at your store.
  • Products. Find a product with your logo and store information emblazoned on the side that you can give away.

About Amanda Bell

Amanda Bell was an assistant editor of Hardware Retailing and NRHA. Amanda regularly visited with home improvement retailers across the country and attended industry events and seminars. She earned a degree in magazine journalism from Ball State University and has received honors for her work for Hardware Retailing from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

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