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Morton Lumber Co.

Managers Make Effort to Help Community Around the Clock

When temperatures drop below freezing for several days or storms damage buildings, general manager Jason Wright and other staff members post their personal cellphone numbers on the store’s Facebook page with reminders that customers can call if their water pipes burst or they face other emergency situations outside regular business hours.

Customers rarely call in the middle of the night, but when they do, it’s because the help they need is really urgent, Wright says. He usually lists three different employee cellphone numbers on Facebook so customers can call a different manager if he isn’t available to meet a customer quickly at the store.

Customers, even if they never need to make an emergency call to Morton Lumber, tell employees they appreciate the managers’ willingness to help around the clock.

“It’s been really good because people see that we’re here for the community and we’re here to help out in times of need,” Wright says.


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