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The Real Cost of Dead SKUs

Recently, I was analyzing our stores and began looking in-depth at our inventory. While I would like to think that we do an above-average job at maintaining our databases, cycle counts, etc., I began to question how actively we truly …

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Merchandising 911

To watch the full video, click here. This webcast will be a highly visual presentation that will help viewers transform their merchandising displays in just minutes. Whether it’s endcaps, window displays or aisles, this webcast will address modern-day merchandising challenges …

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Eight Ways to Make a Color Splash with Paint Merchandising

Because paint is visual, it’s easier than other items to merchandise. A good paint job, however, is more than just color and finish; customers will look to you, the retailer, to ensure they have all they need for a job …

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Seven Items That Should Be on Every Retailer’s Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

In preparation for a new selling season, take time to drive the maintenance of your store. Pretend you are a customer visiting the store for the first time. Make a list of what you notice then prioritize based on necessity …

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Drive Traffic with Winter Project Ideas and Spring Teasers

Winter doesn’t have to be downtime. Use your creativity to promote indoor home projects customers may not have thought of while carefully planning and purchasing for the upcoming spring rush. Bring your customers in this season and they’ll keep coming …

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Five-Minute Makeover: Merchandising Improvements Made Easy

Merchandising, at its most basic level, includes anything you do at your store to display and promote merchandise to your shoppers. That’s a pretty broad definition. But there are quite a few strategies to achieve success, making merchandising a full-time …

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Hilltop Lumber Has Bright Ideas For Customers

Customers who need ideas as they plan construction of their new homes know they can count on Hilltop Lumber. The Alexandria, Minn., location contains four idea houses within its show room, each featuring different types of siding and various styles …

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Four Tips for Selling Storage and Organization

Perhaps winter instills the desire for organization because being stuck inside we’re forced to confront our clutter on a daily basis. Whatever the reason, winter is a time when organization is top of mind. Use these tips below to make …

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