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Motivate Millennials in the Workplace

Do you scratch your head when thinking about how to manage your millennial employees better? Do you have a hard time deciphering how to hire and retain workers from the generation at your business?

For some suggested solutions, read the following tips from this Fortune article on hiring, retaining and managing happy millennial employees.

Forget the Rules

Your store may not have rigid rules, but you might follow certain procedures that frustrate millennials.

If a millennial employees asks why something is done a certain way, it better not be because “it’s always been that way.”

Millennials can be defined as hackers, tinkerers and shortcut takers, according to Fortune. Providing an efficient and logical approach is important. Finding ways to improve processes and rules you use to manage your team could improve the work culture overall.

Make Millennials Care

Provide strong reasons and purpose for why millennials devote their time and energy to your store. Millennials want to find activities that are meaningful to them.

How can you achieve this? Help them care about your business.

Has your business been family owned and operated for 50-plus years? Share your history, passion and vision for the future with your workers. Are you active in your community? Share that passion, as well.

Help define your employees’ roles and how they can best contribute to the business and its overall purpose.

Invite Contributions From All

All businesses have a hierarchy, but what matters is how everyone from high school-age part timers to veteran managers are treated. If millennial employees feel they are not welcome to share ideas for improving sales or business procedures, you will have a hard time keeping them engaged.

Make sure your entire staff knows that new ideas are welcome. The Fortune article encourages defining a process to uncover your staff’s best thinking and decision making.

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