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New Data Reveals What’s Motivating DIY Projects

New data from market research firm Consumer Specialists is shedding light on exactly how COVID-19 has impacted DIYers’ home improvement habits.

Consumer Specialists is offering the full report for free to all members of the home improvement industry. Simply visit Consumer Specialists online to register to receive the complete version of the “How COVID-19 Is Reshaping The Home Improvement Market” report.

The report is based on research conducted by Consumer Specialists with a nationally representative sample of more than 600 U.S. homeowners.

“Even with people at home more than usual, we were surprised at just how many ways COVID-19 has impacted home improvement activity,” says Fred Miller, president of Consumer Specialists. “In terms of consumer attitudes and behavior, there has never been a single force that has so significantly shaped the home improvement market. Through this research, businesses involved in home improvement can better understand the current dynamic and make appropriate adjustments to succeed in this environment.”

Key Findings

The data indicates 57 percent of homeowners conducted a home improvement project from March to May. On average, those homeowners spent $1,750 on those DIY projects.

Time played an important part in increased home improvement activity, the data shows. Two-thirds of survey respondents cited ‘having more time’ as the main motivator to completing home improvement projects. Almost half of homeowners surveyed say spending time at home made them more aware of projects that needed to be completed.

A comparison between the Consumer Specialists survey and a 2019 Home Projects Council survey provides a clean year-over-year home improvement snapshot. A comparison shows the home improvement project that grew the most from 2019 to 2020 is property landscaping.

Visit Consumer Specialists online today to receive a full copy of the report for free.

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