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New ERP System Promotes Culture at Friedman’s Home Improvement

At Friedman’s Home Improvement, a chain of northern California home improvement centers, a new ERP system is helping employees at all levels solidify their commitment to a positive workplace culture.

President and CEO Barry Friedman says the process of implementing an ERP solution challenged many long-held assumptions about the company and motivated him to see his team in a new light.

“Going through a process like this really teaches you about people,” he says. “The realization I had was that we first thought we were embarking on a technology project, but as we went into this—the biggest technology project we’ve ever undertaken—we ended up learning more about our people. We’ve had some tremendous lessons about the commitment and the ability of our team.”

As the new ERP system (D365) was deployed, the team was able to identify inefficiencies in its workflows. That knowledge enabled managers to deliver specific training exactly where it was needed, prioritizing the customer experience without sacrificing day-to-day operations.

Friedman says he was heartened to see employees across the company step up to train their colleagues as D365 was deployed. People who had no prior training experience felt empowered to train their teammates and take new leadership roles within the organization.

Friedman says the arrival of the D365 ERP solution coincides with his company’s renewed focus on achieving a purpose-driven, team-focused culture.

“We had been operating a little loosely,” he says. “The ERP system lets us be a little more structured, a little more focused on processes. We’re prioritizing teamwork and communication because that’s what’s going to make us successful, and that’s the next step for our organization.”

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