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nfib small business day

NFIB Small Business Day Empowers Business Owners

At the 2019 National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small Business Day in Indiana, held March 6 in Indianapolis, business owners from an array of industries united to discuss issues affecting small business success.

The day was full of presentations from NFIB leaders and Indiana politicians, who all highlighted the importance of small businesses in the nation’s overall economy.

The day began with an update on new changes to the federal tax code from Courtney Titus Brooks, federal government relations manager for the NFIB. Tim Goodrich, state government relations executive director for the NFIB, gave an interactive presentation that helped event attendees learn more about proposed bills and initiatives from across the country that could affect small business owners.

Barbara Quandt, Indiana state director for the NFIB, then gave attendees a local look at proposed legislation that could change how Indiana small business owners operate and explained NFIB’s position on each initiative.

For the second half of the day’s events, attendees walked to the Indiana Statehouse. Over a networking lunch, attendees were able to learn more about the many industries where small business owners are excelling and connect with other retailers on issues that matter to them.

After the lunch ended, NFIB awarded eight Indiana politicians with its Guardian of Small Business award.

“Each of these lawmakers understands the needs of Indiana’s small, family-owned businesses and the necessity of reducing the government’s role in their lives, as well as the importance that business plays in creating jobs,” Quandt says in a statement.

For the final portion of the day’s event, attendees were able to meet directly with Indiana senate president pro tempore Rodric Bray. Attendees asked Bray direct questions about issues affecting their businesses and Bray delivered information and resources to help business owners navigate laws effectively.

For more information on the NFIB and local events you can attend, visit the organization online.

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