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Get Your Color On

Accessories stole the show during the 2019 National Hardware Show Paint & Accessories Awards, claiming first and second place. The awards were voted on by a panel of judges and presented by experts in the field representing many top companies, including Ace Hardware, Benjamin Moore and Amazon, as well as celebrities Lou Manfredini from HouseSmarts and the Carey brothers. The top-place winners were: 

First Place: Top billing went to the Nix Mini Color Sensor from Nix Sensor Ltd. Sorting through stacks of paint chips searching for the perfect shade of gray to match a pillow is no longer necessary with the mini sensor from Nix. Just place the keychain-sized sensor on the pillow, scan the color and receive an exact match to one of many paint brands on a smart device app. The product works straight out of the box, making it easy for any DIYer to use, from beginner to expert.     

Second Place: In the second slot was the Frog Tape Touch Up Cup from Shurtape Technologies LLC. The 12 oz. plastic cups are perfect for storing paint for future touch ups while eliminating the need to store clunky paint cans that can rust and allow paint to clump. The air-tight cups and lids can keep paint fresh for up to 10 years. White labels on the cups easily allow users to mark them with paint color, brand and date.      

Third Place: J-B Weld’s ClearWeld™ took third place in the Paint & Accessories awards. The quick setting two-part epoxy comes in a ready-to-apply syringe and creates a strong bond on tile, plastic, ceramic, glass, wood and metal. It sets in five minutes, cures in an hour, dries clear and has the strength of 4400 PSI.

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