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NRHA Introduces 2 New Podcast Series

What are you listening to when you’re stuck in traffic or doing chores around your house? For many people, podcasts fill their time in a productive and fun way. Whether it’s true crime stories or business tips, podcasts can be a great tool to multitask and learn something new.

In April, Hardware Retailing will launch two new podcast series. If you haven’t ever listened to a podcast, think of it like a radio talk show you can listen to anywhere. They are delivered in episodes that can be downloaded to your computer or smartphone. So what are these two new podcasts going to be about?

“Taking Care of Business” is hosted by Dan Tratensek, publisher of Hardware Retailing magazine. In each episode, Tratensek will interview a variety of guests, including high-profile retailers, industry experts and wholesaler executives. This series will give you a seat at the table with some of the industry’s leading members.


“Tell Me More” is hosted by Renee Changnon, NRHA’s retail outreach coordinator. Changnon will share interesting stories from retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Whether a retailer has odd tales from the aisles or had a unique journey into retail, this podcast will highlight retailers who bring new perspectives to the industry.

Subscribe today at TheRedT.com/pod to be ready to listen to “Taking Care of Business” and “Tell Me More” next month. If you’ve got a great idea for a podcast, send your episode suggestions to Renee Changnon at rchangnon@nrha.org.

About Renee Changnon

Renee Changnon is the retail outreach coordinator for NRHA. She meets with retailers in their stores and at industry events and introduces them to the services NRHA provides. Renee previously worked as a member of the NRHA communications team. She earned a degree in visual journalism from Illinois State University, where she served as the features editor for the school newspaper. After college, she implemented marketing and promotions initiatives at Jimmy John’s franchise locations across the country. She enjoys exploring books with her book club, Netflix marathons and hosting goat yoga at her apartment complex. Renee Changnon 317-275-9442 rchangnon@nrha.org

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