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NRHA Unveils Second Original Podcast

The North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) and Hardware Retailing are proud to release a new podcast series that introduces listeners to the forward-thinking people who bring grit, humor and skill to the independent home improvement industry.

Launching Today: ‘Tell Me More…’

Tell Me More…,” hosted by NRHA’s retail outreach coordinator Renee Changnon, shines a spotlight on the unique people at the heart of the independent home improvement industry. With one-on-one conversations about the ins and outs of modern retail, “Tell Me More…” gives listeners a chance to pull up a seat and hear about their home improvement peers’ struggles and successes.

“I want ‘Tell Me More…’ to introduce listeners to people who are pouring their hearts into their businesses,” Changnon says. “I hope listeners feel like they’re invited into a conversation with friends and learn something new with each episode.”

The first episode of “Tell Me More…” launches today. Featuring a conversation with Cody Goeppner, manager of Bleyhl Co-Op in Washington state, the episode gives listeners a chance to learn more about how a young retailer is using tried-and-true traditions and an eye for innovation to find new opportunities to excel.

“Tell Me More…” and NRHA’s other podcast series, “Taking Care of Business,” will release new episodes each month. Both podcasts are available online and all major podcast platforms.

About Todd Taber

Todd is trends editor for Hardware Retailing magazine. He graduated from Indiana University where he majored in journalism and French. Throughout his career, he has aimed to highlight small businesses and their community value. He joined NRHA in 2017.

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