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Offer Space For Customers to Share Project Photos

The idea came from a customer who brought a photo album into Horicon Hardware Hank to show off pictures of a room she remodeled.

The customer had bought her paints and other products from the Horicon, Wisconsin, store, and was eager to display the results of her DIY project.

Following her lead, store owner Dave Konrath got a photo album and stuck it on a table in his paint department so other customers could share pictures of their successful projects. He also placed a small sign on the table offering a coupon for $5 off a customer’s next paint purchase for contributions to the album.

Customers sit at the table while they flip through magazines to get project ideas or while they wait for their paint to be mixed, and while they’re at it, many of them take a look at the album.

The photos don’t just allow customers to showcase the projects they’re proud of, but they also offer ideas for other shoppers, Konrath says.

The idea is simple and inexpensive, and would be easy to replicate in any store that has a paint department.

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