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On the Web: June

There’s much more to discover from the June edition of Hardware Retailing. Browse the links below to uncover new innovations, trends and resources to lead your operation to success.

Transitioning to the Next Generation

Plan ahead for passing your business on by exploring these three common types of succession planning options.

Making a Succession Pivot

One retailer thought he had all his boxes checked, but had to change plans during the process.

Outside Selling

Discover best practices for selling your business to an outside operation.

Determining Tech Needs

Implementing technology in your business can be confusing. Take a look at these best practices for assessing what technology your business needs and what is the best fit.

Sustainable Solutions

Plumbing has gone green with homeowners looking for eco-friendly options in their kitchens and bathrooms. Learn more about sustainable products and how to sell them to your customers.

Practical Innovations

Hear from Top Guns honoree TJ Colson, president of Wilco Stores, who shares how Wilco has implemented technology—from e-commerce to data protection programs— to better serve its customers and improve efficiencies.

Visit YourNHPA.org/podcast to listen.

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