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On the Web: May

There’s much more to discover from the May edition of Hardware Retailing. Browse the links below to uncover new innovations, trends and resources to lead your operation to success.

Starting Line for Tech

Discover best practices for assessing your tech needs and learn where to discover the processes you need to make your operation successful.

Taking Tech Steps

Technology doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. Read about three different types of tech and how each could work for your business.

Go to the Source

Discover questions you can ask employees to gauge your tech needs, what your employees think would work best and how they feel customers will react.

Safe and Secure

Ransomware is one of the leading types of malware that can encrypt all your data or lock you out of your computer or entire network. Don’t leave your business vulnerable—take note of these strategies to mitigate the risks of cybercrimes.

Curating Bright Lights

Customers will always need lightbulbs so enhance your light section with a wide variety of lightbulbs, to fit different moods, fixtures and decor. Read five tips for making your selection shine from retailers who have spruced up their lightbulb sections.

Follow Their Career Path

In Episode 87, hear how industry leaders Marty Ellison of Miller Hardware Co. and Josiah Gates of The Aubuchon Co. turned jobs into careers in the home improvement industry.

Visit YourNHPA.org/podcast to listen.

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