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Walmart Adds Pet Services Center to Georgia Store

Walmart pet services

Walmart has added the first-ever Walmart Pet Services center to its store in Dallas, Georgia. Walmart Pet Services will offer low, transparent pricing for key pet services in a central location, including routine veterinary care like vaccines, wellness exams and …

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Building on the Basics of Loss Prevention

loss prevention

According to a recent survey by Coresight Research, retail shrink is getting the attention of consumers, with 26% of respondents indicating they would shop elsewhere if their local store began locking items up. Additionally, 75% of consumers are moderately to extremely …

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3 Perspectives on Consolidation in the Independent Channel


In recent years, independent operators have expanded their businesses by way of acquisition, due to a number of factors, leading to consolidation in the industry. To gain insight on consolidation trends, Hardware Retailing consulted an expert in home improvement business …

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Growing Your Lawn and Garden Sales With Limited Selling Space

When it comes to your operation’s lawn and garden department, a small space doesn’t have to equal small sales. With over 36 years of lawn and garden product purchasing experience, Mike Doyle, lawn and garden buyer for City People’s Mercantile, …

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Reining in Fees: U.S. House and Senate to Vote on Credit Card Competition Act

AIMED AT ENHANCING COMPETITION and choice in the credit card network market, the Credit Card Competition Act (CCCA) was introduced in July 2023 into the U.S. House and Senate. The CCCA strives to reduce credit card interchange fees, also known …

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6 Trends in Lawn and Garden Product Sales

Lawn and garden care shows no sign of slowing down as a popular hobby, and it is Lawn and garden care shows no sign of slowing down as a popular hobby, and it is also a crucial part of home …

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8 Stats About Current Customer Shopping Habits

AS YOU SHAPE YOUR merchandising, product procurement and operations strategies, knowing customers’ purchasing tendencies will set you up for success. Dig into eight stats from the How to Sell Direct in the Age of the Conflicted Shopper Report from logistics …

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How Engaging Employees Increases Your Bottom Line

employee engagement

Imagine you’re 13 years old at summer camp, eagerly waiting on the dock in front of a line of row boats. You and five other campers scramble into the first boat. You’re sitting up front, ready to lead the way …

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