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Employee Study Reports Overall Job Satisfaction High

Employees are more satisfied with their jobs now than they have been in the past 10 years, according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The 2016 study, Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement, reports that 88-percent …

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Security in Parking Lots Increases Store Safety

Parking Lot

Recent shootings and other workplace violence on the news are enough to make any store owner uneasy, but some practical steps in parking lots can improve security for your employees and customers. Incidents of workplace violence have not been tracked thoroughly, but some data from 2003 to 2008 …

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Five Metrics You Need to Know

The numbers can be overwhelming at times, but it’s important to keep an eye on them to help measure the financial health of your business. Below are five metrics you should know and use to better understand your operation. Average …

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Secrets of Selling Outdoor Power Equipment

Selling Outdoor Power Equipment

To view a PDF of this story, click here.   To learn how to sell outdoor power equipment in a small store, click here. Operating in High Gear To start the peak spring season, Roy Mason stocks 40 different models of …

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2016 Top Guns

To view a PDF of the story click here. Best in Class  There’s no doubt about it—independent retailers in the home improvement industry are an innovative, thriving and progressive group. The industry is full of profit-focused, forward-thinking retailers committed to …

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Study Shows Consumers Prefer a Simple Brand Experience

Less is more when it comes to building your brand presence. That’s the conclusion of a study from Siegel and Gale, the Global Brand Simplicity Index. The study asked consumers to rank brands based on their simplicity, and what it …

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Retailer: ‘Don’t Panic; Plan’ for Minimum Wage Hikes

Minimum Wage

Since California and New York approved minimum wage increases this month, minimum wage is fresh on business owners’ minds. But increases–even up to a $15 base wage–aren’t cause for intense anxiety, says Gina Schaefer, who owns A Few Cool Hardware Stores’ 11 locations in Washington, D.C., …

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Field Trip Inspires Future Builders

Getting more young people interested in a career in hardware retailing is critical to the future of the industry. And for Luke Wiesen, general manager at Millard Lumber’s Spring Hill, Kansas, location, it’s equally important to get students interested in …

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