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6 Ways to Spruce up Your Outdoor Living Displays

For nearly the last year, many of your consumers have been finding ways to relax, work, learn and play in their homes. With the end of winter on the horizon (pending an update from a certain groundhog), it’s time to create a plan to show people how they can once again extend their living spaces outside.

As snow melts and temperatures rise, your customers will likely be eager to transform their outdoor spaces into peak condition for spring.

On the following pages, find some inspiration on ways to cross-merchandise items from different departments, remind customers about springtime chores and activities and boost your transaction size at the same time.

Spring Cleaning01 – Spring Cleaning
We’re about at that point in the year where your customers will be heading outside to see what may need to be fixed, cleaned or replaced on their homes and in their yards after the winter. This outdoor living task can be interpreted very broadly or more narrowly, so set up these displays according to task or project and rotate them out regularly through the late winter and early spring. You can start with showcasing a big project, like a display of all the tools a DIYer needs to resurface their deck. Or you can highlight smaller projects, like gutter cleaning must-haves or a mix of tools necessary to refresh flowerbeds for new landscaping.

Outside Play02 – Outside Play
Your customers have probably been wishing they could tell their kids to “just go play outside” all winter, and now you have a chance to show them how. In a designated area of your salesfloor—think Power Aisle—pile up bags of sandbox sand and add an assortment of toys, outdoor games and sporting goods. Decorate the space with pinwheels or string lights. Be sure to include any tools or accessories customers will need to recreate the play area in their own yards so they have everything they need when they leave the store. If you sell outdoor play gyms or sandboxes, consider setting up this display in the parking lot, weather permitting.

Plants and Gardens03 – Plants and Garden
While the ground may not be thawed in many areas to put plants in the ground, there may be houseplants that have spent all winter inside that are itching for a little fresh air. Your customers may also want to explore container gardening to get a head start on their vegetable supply. Put together a display featuring pruning shears, trowels and other tools alongside decorative containers, soil and a selection of live goods and seeds. Include any instructional materials you have to send your customers who are new to container gardening a list of tips and best practices for planting or transplanting.

Poolside Living04 – Poolside Living
At the first sign of warmth, people will start thinking about opening up their pools and gearing up for peak pool maintenance heading into the busy season. So, break out your lounges, your straw hats and your pool skimmers to complete this summertime scape. In addition to tools and necessities for above-ground  and in-ground pools, consider setting up displays for people who want to start small. Fill a kiddie pool with floats, noodles and other pool-time toys and complete the setup with relaxation inspiration with sunscreen, towels and drinkware.

Food and Dining05 – Food and Dining
There’s nothing quite like the first burger of the year hot off the grill. Be sure your customers have everything they need to complete their grilling stations and outdoor dining spaces by making it look like they could fire up the grill right on your salesfloor. Incorporate grilling tools, charcoal and lighter fluid into your setups. Make it homey by adding a few outdoor throw pillows or even an outdoor rug. If you have the space, set up a table, complete with place settings. Keep safety top of mind with fire extinguishers and sunscreen, and help customers get ahead of pest control with cans of bug spray and tabletop candle repellents.

Furry Fun06 – Furry Fun
It’s no secret how much people love to spoil their pets. According to a recent study from the American Pet Products Association, pet owners in the U.S. on average said they would spend more than $40 on a holiday gift for their animal companions. A display of treats, toys and accessories for pets is certain to catch the eye of doting animal lovers. As the weather heats up, one key product dog owners in particular may be looking for is a plastic kiddie pool to give their dog a relaxing soak or as a bathtub alternative. Add in some dog bone-shaped ice cube trays and cans of pet-friendly chicken broth to make any dog’s day.

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