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Outdoor Living Ideas for 2019

Outdoor living trends are evolving along with consumers, and independent hardware retailers must respond with updated product selections and styles to keep pace. From new furniture options to the latest in outdoor cooking appliances, the modern outdoor space is more and more reflecting a more upscale ideal. Here are some ideas on how to take advantage of these outdoor living trends.

Lap of Luxury

Many homeowners see their backyard or outdoor living space as an extension of their home’s interior, and with that mindset comes a new level of comfort and luxury in the outdoors. This can include semi-enclosed outdoor spaces like a pergola or covered kitchen as well as furniture that can endure outdoor conditions but is as comfortable as the family couch in the living room. Fireplaces that go beyond a safe place to light a match, offering an architectural note to a designed outdoor area, can be another option.

Culinary Care

If you’re trying to attract homeowners looking to overhaul their outdoor living space, it has to start with the grill. Except it can’t just be a grill. While not every homeowner is looking for a full outdoor kitchen, with countertops and sinks and everything else they already have indoors, high-end cooking products are well in the range of these consumers. Smokers, pellet grills and flat griddles are all options for budding chefs, and they come in a variety of outdoor-friendly options. Make sure your grilling department has something other than the standard charcoal kettle grill in order to show buyers what else is out there.

Talking Transition

Not every product concerning outdoor living has to be outside. Since consumers are seeing their outdoor spaces as an extension of their homes, not fully separate, allowing for easy transition between the two can further that concept. Products like speakers or TVs that can swivel from indoor to outdoor use give even more options for homeowners looking to entertain in the great outdoors. Netting that allows guests to step outside while keeping bugs out of the indoor areas can make for more use of an outdoor space. Transition can also mean bringing nature in closer. Vertical gardening along outdoor walls near seating areas can make for great and functional displays.

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