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Low-maintenance Solutions

2 Low-Maintenance Outdoor Solutions

Reems Creek Nursery in Weaverville, North Carolina, has been serving customers’ lawn and gardening needs since 1979. Reems Creek employees Tanya LaCorte, perennial buyer, and Ruth Gonzalez, marketing director, shared two low-maintenance lawn and garden solutions to share with your customers so they spend more time relaxing and less time working outdoors.

Cut the Grass. According to LaCorte, the best advice to give customers who are looking to cut down on the maintenance required in their outdoor space is to reduce the size of their lawn. She recommends replacing grassy areas with shrub plantings, a mix of perennials and a few annuals to add color through the seasons. The remaining grass should be liberally reseeded in the spring and fall to prevent weeds from sprouting.

Mulch Makes Less Work. Another easy way homeowners can decrease yard maintenance is by using mulch wherever they can. Mulching every year at the correct time will decrease the need for weeding and make for less work in the long run, says Gonzalez. The best time for mulching is just after weeding or planting to protect the area from future weeds, says Gonzalez. She also recommends refreshing existing mulch around the change of seasons and before the holidays to keep the yard looking nice throughout the winter months.

Check out this list of plants for more low-maintenance solutions.

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