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Celebrating Our Pets

Informal pet holidays are an easy way to market your store’s pet products and connect with customers on social media and online. Hardware Retailing has compiled a list of pet holidays happening each month to get you started. 


Jan. 21: Squirrel Appreciation Day

Jan. 22: National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day


Feb. 3: National Golden Retriever Day

Feb. 3: Annual Doggy Date Night

Feb. 20: Love Your Pet Day

Feb. 22: National Walk Your Dog Day


March 1: National Pig Day

March 23: National Puppy Day

March 23: Cuddly Kitten Day

March 28: Respect Your Cat Day


April 23–29: National Scoop the Poop Week

April 6: National Siamese Cat Day

April 10: National Hug Your Dog Day

April 11: National Pet Day

April 12: World Hamster Day

April 19: National Cat Lady Day

April 30: National Tabby Day

April 30: Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

April 30: Hairball Awareness Day


May 2–8: Be Kind to Animals Week

May 2–8: National Pet Week

May 20: National Rescue Dog Day

May 23: World Turtle Day


Adopt-A-Cat Month (American Humane Association)

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month (ASPCA)

National Foster a Pet Month

National Microchipping Month

National Pet Preparedness Month

June 6–12: Pet Appreciation Week

June 21–25: Take Your Pet to Work Week

June 4: Hug Your Cat Day

June 15: National Lobster Day

June 21: National Dog Party Day

June 21: Take Your Cat to Work Day

June 24: Cat World Domination Day

June 25: Take Your Dog to Work Day


Dog House Repair Month

July 9: Cow Appreciation Day

July 11: All-American Pet Photo Day

July 15: I Love Horses Day

July 16: World Snake Day

July 16: Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

July 26: National Dog Photography Day

July 31: National Mutt Day


Aug. 8: International Cat Day

Aug. 10: Spoil Your Dog Day

Aug. 14: World Lizard Day

Aug. 26: National Dog Day

Aug. 28: Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day


Happy Cat Month

Sept. 12–18: Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week

Sept. 19–25: National Dog Week

Sept. 1: Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Sept. 11: National Iguana Awareness Day

Sept. 12: National Hug Your Hound Day

Sept. 17: National Pet Bird Day

Sept. 25: International Rabbit Day

Sept. 28: World Rabies Day


Adopt-A-Dog Month (American Humane Association)

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month (ASPCA)

Oct. 1–7: National Walk Your Dog Week; Animal Welfare Week

Oct. 1: National Fire Pup Day

Oct. 1: National Black Dog Day

Oct. 17: National Fetch Day

Oct. 21: Reptile Awareness Day

Oct. 29: National Cat Day

Oct. 30: National Pit Bull Awareness Day


Adopt a Senior Pet Month

National Pet Awareness Month

Nov. 7–13: National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week

Nov. 1: National Cook for Your Pets Day

Nov. 4: Chicken Lady Day

Nov. 17: National Black Cat Day

Nov. 20: National Adoption Day


National Cat Lovers’ Month

Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Dec. 2: National Mutt Day (again)

Dec. 13: National Horse Day

Dec. 15: National Cat Herder’s Day

For a full list of pet holidays, check out Petful’s calendar.

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