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Spa-Level Products for Pet Wellness

Everyone loves their pets and spending trends continue to prove it. According to the American Pet Products Association, the total U.S. Pet industry expenditures are estimated to be $99 billion for 2020. That’s a nearly $3 billion increase over 2019 and nearly $9 billion increase over 2018. Although part of that amount includes veterinary care and other services, the majority of it falls squarely into the supply category to the benefit of home improvement retailers.  

With the increase of pet supply purchases, not surprisingly, many products have become more high-end and even spa-like. Cozy beds, fluffy towels, premium shampoos and organic treats are just some of the items in the expansive pet pampering category. Some products even help alleviate stress-related issues, like pet anxiety, something experts warn could become a problem when pet owners return to normal work schedules at the end of the pandemic and leave pets alone for longer periods of time. 

Here’s just one example of an anxiety product that could experience increased demand in the coming year:

ThunderEssence: This essential oil made with all-natural ingredients, including lavender oil, chamomile oil and Egyptian geranium oil, naturally calms pets. It comes in a spray that can be sprayed on the pet on in the area before vet visits, travel or other stressful situations. The product is available from the makers of ThunderShirt, another stress-reducing product from Thunderworks.

These spa-like products are often marketed as well-being products for pets and often come with veterinarian recommendations. They can be good for pampered city pets and hard-working ranch animals, alike. Any spa products can be easily incorporated into existing lines of pet care essentials. 

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