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Ways to Reach Your Pet-Loving Customers

In the June 2021 issue of Hardware Retailing, retailers learned best practices for adding pet products to their stores. To complement that content, we’ve put together several online stories with tips on welcoming pets into your stores, offering pet-related services and using pet holidays to promote your own pet products and connect with pet-loving customers.

3 Reasons to Welcome Pets Into Your Store 

Strosniders Hardware has welcomed pets into its stores for over 15 years. Discover three best practices for inviting pets into your stores and how it can help you connect with customers.

Celebrating Our Pets

Informal pet holidays are an easy way to market your store’s pet products and connect with pet-loving customers on social media and online. Hardware Retailing has compiled a list of pet holidays happening each month to get you started.

Sebastopol Hardware Offers Pet Services

Sebastopol Hardware serves customers with a large and varied pet product section, and also partners with local service providers to offer pet services like teeth cleaning and veterinarian services.




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