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Photos Tell Story of Company History

Star Lumber is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. While much has changed with the business in that time, a quick look around the main showroom in Wichita, Kansas, shows store staff haven’t forgotten the past.

Inside the store, signs with old photos, featuring anything from family members to the store’s first trucks, hang from the ceiling across the showroom, offering customers and employees alike a way to see the company’s history.

“There have been a lot of changes to our business since it first opened, and it’s nice to have those photos in our store to remember how it used to be and acknowledge everyone before us who worked hard to build Star Lumber into the successful company it is today,” says Patrick Goebel, president and COO of Star Lumber.

Want to try something similar in your store? Consider adding photos that show off the store’s history to your decor, or try putting together a framed write-up or plaque that tells the story of your company’s history. Hang it near the entrance, a service counter or the checkout line, so customers can read while they wait. It’s a great way to strengthen the connection with your local customers as you tell your business’s story or show off how you’ve been part of the community.

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