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Plumbing & Electrical Award Winners

At the 2019 National Hardware Show, several manufacturers and distributors walked away with awards for the most innovative and important products in the plumbing & electrical category. The top three winners were:

First Place

ToiletShroom Revolutionary Plunger: This innovative plunger from Juka Innovations Corp. is designed to fit most toilets. Simply insert the flexible plunger at a low angle into the clogged drain and push it in and out a few times, and the plunger will dislodge the clog while acting as a squeegee, cleaning the sides of the toilet. It comes with a matching caddy. 

Second Place

Mr. Cool DIY Ductless Mini-Split Head Pump: This heat pump from Mr. Cool fits in any home and offers Wi-Fi functionality for remote control. Touted as easy to install, the indoor unit can be put in with just 8 steps, using nothing more than a power drill/driver for screws for the mounting plate (a wall template shows exactly where the holes need to be placed) and a 90mm core drill to make a hole in an exterior wall for the refrigerant piping. After that, the indoor system snaps into place. The outside condenser requires slightly more skill, but for customers comfortable with plumbing and electrical projects, the simple connections and clear instructions make installing the power and hoses attainable for most DIYers. 

Third Place

SimpleSENCE Home Leak and Freeze Detector:  This small multisensor device from Sencentric can protect homes and valuables from water damage and freezing temperatures. After simply placing the device around the home, users will receive instant (and customizable) alerts on smart devices, while an audible alarm will activate for anyone in the home. The devices have a two-year battery life and send low-battery notifications to owners’ smart devices. Available in one-, three- and five-unit packs. 

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