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Taking Care of Business

Dan Tratensek, Publisher of Hardware Retailing magazine, sits down with industry veterans to get the latest scoop on the industry and their business.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 5 – Dan Starr
In this episode, Dan chats with Dan Starr, President and CEO of Do it Best. They talk about some of the current challenges independent retailers face, such as weather, the economy and changes in distribution.

Episode 4 – Dave Gowan
This week, Dan speaks with NRHA’s Vice President of Finance and Business Services, Dave Gowan. Join Dan and Dave as they talk about NRHA’s long-running Cost of Doing Business Study. This resource allows retailers to compare their operations to average and high-profit operations in the home improvement industry. To learn more about the Cost of Doing Business Study, contact Dave Gowan at dgowan@nrha.org or visit nrha.org/codb.

Episode 3 – John Hartmann
On this episode of “Taking Care of Business,” Dan is joined by True Value president and CEO John Hartmann. They discuss how the company is looking to the future and finding new ways to empower its retailers. Hartmann talks about how True Value is bringing new marketing, sales and operational possibilities to the retailers it serves.

Episode 2 – Gary Pittsford
Welcome to this week’s episode of Taking Care of Business with Dan Tratensek! In this episode, Dan speaks with Gary Pittsford, president and CEO of Castle Wealth Advisors. Dan and Gary speak about various topics ranging from helping business owners understand the value of their business, considering the many aspects of business succession planning, and everything in between!

Episode 1 – Jim Robisch
Welcome to the inaugural episode of “Taking Care of Business” with Dan Tratensek! In this episode, Dan speaks with Jim Robisch, a senior partner at the The Farnsworth Group. They discuss common growth opportunities in a retail business, how e-commerce affects consumer engagement, upcoming projects at The Farnsworth Group and much more! Take a listen and subscribe today.