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Portable Speakers Jazz Up Outdoor Activities

While under quarantine, people have found creative ways to socialize. One way is tailgating in empty parking lots and parks where families and friends stay in or near their vehicles, safely social distancing while chatting, cooking and enjoying music. Because of the increase in these parking lot parties, bike rides and backyard BBQs, portable speakers have become increasingly popular. Families bring music with them on bike rides and walks. They add music to tailgating and camping activities. They enjoy music in their backyards. Making this outdoor luxury easier and more common is a flood of portable smart speakers. 

Choosing from the variety of options can be overwhelming. According to HikerLodge.com, the features that make portable speakers best in their class is Bluetooth® technology, a long battery life and wireless range, quality sound, water-resistance, and attractive, durable and easy to transport housings. For a list of the top 10 portable speakers from Hiker Lodge, click here.  

On that list and many others is the Bose Soundlink Revolve Portable Speaker. It is perfect for social distancing parties because it delivers omnidirectional sound, letting users experience the same sound quality in every direction. When placed in the middle of a tailgating event, everyone can enjoy the same quality tunes.  

For portable speakers that pack a little more punch, check out this list from Outer Audio. Their top recommendation is the Ion Audio iPA77 Tailgater. The Bluetooth speaker offers volume , 50 hours of battery power, quality sound, durability, portability and a microphone perfect for distance gatherings. Their second-place speaker is also the loudest portable speaker on the list. Soundboks weighs 34 pounds but according to Outer Audio it is a mind-blowingly loud speaker with top sound quality.   

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