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Prepping With the Right Products

When painting a room, it’s easy for consumers to focus on paint colors and applicators, but paint prep products are just as important to the painting process. Stock these products, and consider creating a paint prep area or endcap for your customers so they are fully prepared to take on a painting project and achieve high-quality results. 


Painting can be messy, and customers need to protect areas where they are working. Painter’s tape and drop cloths provide the necessary protection during painting projects.  

Painter’s Tape


  • Protects light switches
  • Protects window and door trim, moldings and baseboards
  • Protects doorknobs and doorstops 

Drop Cloths


  • Protects floors 
  • Protects furniture 


Customers may need to repair holes and smooth imperfections before painting. Merchandise all the necessary products for repair in one place to increase your customers’ ease of shopping. 


Putty Knife 



Cleaning the surface before painting allows for better adhesion to the surface and an overall smoother application. Vacuums can be used to dust off baseboards and moldings, and damp rags can be used to wipe down walls.



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