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Products for Major Projects

Building material spending is expected to boom in 2021 with single-family housing starts and home renovations catching up after delays caused by the pandemic in 2020. There is nothing like extra time at home to make homeowners rethink how their living spaces look and function or to expose the limitations of current living arrangements. From minor fixes, major renovations and new home options, consumers are looking to makeover rooms or move on to greener pastures. 

Here are just a few of the renovation and new construction trends that were popular in 2020 and are expected to continue into 2021:

Separation of space: According to an article from Realtor.com, homeowners are beginning to reconsider open floor plans in favor of either dedicated rooms for specific activities (such as a home office or workout room), or finding ways to divide up large spaces into smaller areas to achieve a separation between work and relaxation. Some of the options include full or half-height partition walls to mark off areas like study spaces or office areas, to constructing outbuildings to function in a similar capacity. Going along with this need for private spaces, soundproofing materials, such as acoustic panels for walls, or even weatherstripping to fill the cracks between doors and frames, are being considered.

Organic Touches: The mixed-material trend of the past couple of years is continuing into 2021, but with a bit of a twist as homeowners look to add more organic elements into their home spaces. Products like wood countertops and live-edge open shelving soften the harder edges of marble, tile and metal fixtures.  

Indoor-Outdoor Living: Living areas designed to include an indoor-outdoor feel have been a trend that continues to gain traction. Large glass windows and multi-slide patio doors, like those from Pella®, give homeowners unobstructed views to outdoor areas, and can fully open to provide easy pedestrian flow from one space to the next. Additionally, patio and deck areas are being designed to feel more “room like” including furniture and accessories often found in interior spaces (though designed for more variable weather conditions). 

“Luxury” Bathrooms: Escaping from the daily grind is high on the list for most people, but when getaways aren’t feasible, a spa-style bathroom can offer just enough relaxation space to recharge one’s internal batteries.  Soaking tubs, steam showers, adjustable LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers and even smart solutions such as U by Moen create that luxury getaway experience without leaving home.

Green Solutions: A final consideration is the addition of “green” solutions for zero energy homes, including products such as solar panels, rain catchment systems, and gray water systems, for either utility savings measures, or for concerns about the environment, especially as a renewed push comes after massive wildfires and other natural disasters have taken their toll and as a new administration tackles issues regarding climate.

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