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Dan Tratensek Presents: Products From Space

Finding new products and building up your inventory can be a daunting task at times. To help you discover the latest innovations on the market, Hardware Retailing publisher Dan Tratensek went to Sullivan Hardware on the North Side of Indianapolis to bring you another batch of new products.

In this month’s products video, Dan highlights three products that come from outer space. The products include: Astronaut Ice Cream from American Outdoor Products, Star Wars Cups from Zak Designs and Mirrored Swimshades from TYR Sport, Inc.

Watch the video above to get Dan’s overview of these products and look out for more product videos to come!

About Dan Tratensek

Dan Tratensek
In his position as publisher of Hardware Retailing magazine, Dan has the opportunity to visit with independent retailers of all types and sizes and use these visits to shape the editorial direction of the magazine to meet the needs of the independent hardware retail market. Dan also oversees NRHA’s other publishing projects, which include a range of special interest publications, contract publishing titles, online content and more. Dan formerly worked as an editor and reporter for Hardware Retailing and has been involved in business journalism and news reporting for the past two decades

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