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Self-Adhesive Pads

Flexi-Felt pads eliminate the aggravation of frequently replacing felt pads and leg tips that usually wear down or fall off, causing damage to expensive floors. Made with superior high-density wool felt and industrial strength adhesive, Flexi-Felt pads are softer and ... Read More »

Stainless Steel Trashcan

SteelMate offers retailers significantly reduced shipping costs with a nestable design for fuel-efficient shipping. The stylish SteelMate features a Touch and Toss spring lid that softly opens when pressed and easily locks when closed. Its space-saving rectangular design fits perfectly ... Read More »


General Tool’s Multi-Bit Screwdrivers are made in America and offer several exceptional patented features. The Retractable Bit Cartridge in the handle makes storing, selecting and changing bits quick and easy while saving toolbox space and reducing the risk of lost ... Read More »

Waterborne Stain

Superdeck® stain gives beauty and protection to decks, fences, siding, trim, outdoor furniture and all-exterior wood. The waterborne formula covers in one application with excellent water repellency and is formulated to resist growth of mildew and algae on the coating’s ... Read More »

Universal Dimming Switch

The VRMX1 supports the latest dimmable LED and CFL technologies, as well as legacy incandescent and halogen bulbs while incorporating the Zensys 4.5.4 Z-Wave library.  The VRMX1 supports a universe of lighting applications including local and remote dimming control for ... Read More »


MagnaLatch is a rust-free, magnetic self-closing gate latch that can be used with TruClose self-closing hinges to increase the safety of a gate. A patented magnetic latching mechanism ensures no jamming, and it is key lockable for peace of mind. Tested to ... Read More »

Ace LED Clamp Light Recalled

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published a recall of Ace Hardware’s Ace Clamp-On LED Work Lights due to a potential electric shock and fire hazard. According to the CPSC report, the cord bushing inside the light base could fail, allowing the cord ... Read More »

Fuel Treatment

K100 Gasoline Fuel Treatment binds with water to prevent problems associated with ethanol fuels, including water and phase separation, while upgrading and stabilizing fuel quality for easier starts, better mileage and reduced emissions. It stabilizes fuel for up to two years, ... Read More »