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Hardwood Pellets

Green Mountain Hardwood Pellets are oak based and large, which means they last longer than standard alder based pellets. Each bag contains 28 pounds of pellets, compared to the standard 20-ounce bag, and contains almost 100-percent dust-free pellets. Pellets ignite …

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Peek a Boo Pet Latch

The Peek a Boo™ Pet Latch is specifically designed to keep dogs out of the litter box and prevent them from eating cat feces and getting sick. The latch prevents entry into the room where the litter box is stored. …

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Open-top Tool Carrier

Carrier features 22 pockets, rotating three-level LED lights and an ergonomic handle. It is designed to help users work in low light conditions or check inside a tool bag. Carrier is available in 15- and 18-inch sizes. For more information, …

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Paint Brush Handle

The ErgoMaster Pro takes the pain out of painting. The revolutionary design of the ErgoMaster Pro places the weight on top of the hand, rather than in the hand, allowing the arm to carry the weight and the fingers to …

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Natural Air Purifier

The Moso Bag absorbs odors, bacteria, allergens and harmful pollutants with 100-percent bamboo charcoal. The Moso Bag also dehumidifies to prevent mold, mildew and excess moisture. To use, place Moso Bag in direct sunlight once a month to rejuvenate and …

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House Gutter-Swab

Gutter-Swab applies 100 percent contact to the contoured surface of siding or gutters. Its cleaning pads are made to fit the contour of any type of gutter, and its scrubbing pads are made from a Space Age sponge material that …

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Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared Technology

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Technology - Video

To watch the full video, click here. Thom Ward, senior manager, product development, gives viewers a tour of Char-Broil’s new and innovative products on display at the National Hardware Show. For more from Char-Broil, visit www.charbroil.com.

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Under the Sea

Under the Sea - Feature

To watch the full video, click here. Dan Tratensek comes to you live from under the sea. Dan specifically sought out these new products as a way to help you differentiate your product assortments. We hope you love these fun …

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