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How to Promote Locally Sourced Products

In the February 2015 issue of Hardware Retailing, we featured retailers who are incorporating locally sourced housewares products into their home improvement stores. The housewares category provides great opportunities to source products made by local vendors and a number of stores are doing this across the country. Other categories, such as clothes and impulse items, are also great areas to incorporate local goods.

If your store already sells local items or is looking to expand this product niche, it’s important you promote these items, as they differentiate your store from the big box competitors.

Read these tips below to learn ways to effectively promote the local goods your store sells.

Dedicate Space

Rather than allowing these special products to blend in with the rest of your merchandise, dedicate shelf space or an endcap to highlight local goods. Having them all in one area creates an in-store destination for shoppers.

Use Signage

Lead your customers to local goods in your store. Use display signage to illustrate the local nature of these products and to catch customer’s attention as they walk by. Also use this signage to show exactly where the products come from. If a certain artist made the product, use shelf-talkers to give each individual credit. If the goods originate in different regional areas or all across the city, call-out the neighborhoods or towns the products come from. Highlighting product origins will give each item character and will create another touch point for consumers to connect with.

Create a Lasting Partnership

Go above and beyond selling local products by creating a partnership with the vendor. Partner for unique events such as a mini farmers market or a fun event that draws both customer bases. Also, have the vendor advertise that their goods can be found at your store.

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