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Man Pruning Shrub with Shears

Propping Up Pruning Shears

Most trees and shrubs require pruning as cooler weather sets in, so adding a variety of pruning shears to your inventory can give your lawn and gardening department a helpful boost.

There are many different types of tools that can be used in landscape maintenance, including gas and battery powered equipment, ratcheting tools and standard manual items. Depending on the job, consumers may need more than just one type. Below are just a few pruning and trimming tools that pros and DIYers may need to clean-up their landscapes.

Powered Equipment: Caring for a large number of trees and shrubs can take a toll on the body, and in the case of fruit and nut orchards or vineyards, keeping plants in optimum bearing condition requires considerable attention to branch growth. Powered tools can assist the user in maintaining landscaping without considerable fatigue. While gas-powered equipment has been the go-to, battery-operated tools have gained traction and can offer considerable run-time on one battery. 

Non-Powered Loppers and Pruners: Two-handed loppers work best for branches one to two inches in diameter, while pruners work best on smaller growth. The important thing to note for customers is the difference between anvil-style loppers (or pruners) and the bypass version; the crushing action of the anvil style is best for jobs where the health of the tree isn’t an issue, while bypass types help maintain the integrity of the branch. 

Add-Ons: When working with a customer who is purchasing pruning equipment, mentioning related add-on items can be helpful. Some of these items include things like sharpening steels, gloves, and protective eyewear, like polarized safety glasses from Radians.

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