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Purging for the Holidays

Before gifts are given and guests are invited to dinner, most homeowners and apartment dwellers need to declutter and donate unwanted items. Retailers can make that process easier by providing a variety of organizational items, like closet and drawer organizers, storage tubs and garage storage solutions. Beyond inventory, retailers can also inspire customers to get organized with a few tips from everyone’s favorite purge advocate, Marie Kondo. According to the KonMari website, completing the full KonMari Method™ can take several days, but if visitors are coming sooner, Kondo recommends these three quick tips in an article titled, “How to Tidy Before Hosting Guests.

Take a Fresh Look at Your Space
Living in a space day in and day out, can make it difficult to see problem areas. Try walking through your space as a guest would, keeping an eye out for over-stuffed closets and piles of items. “Take this opportunity to ask yourself if these things really spark joy. If they don’t, thank them and let them go,” Kondo says.

Put Items in Their Place
When touring your space, if you find items without a home, decide where they belong. “Having a vague idea that something should be kept ‘around here’ isn’t sufficient,” says Kondo. “The remote control goes in a gold tray on the right side table, pens on the counter go in the ceramic holder, and the pile of mail goes in the pending box on your desk.”

Clean Up the Kitchen
Kitchens collect a lot of miscellaneous items. Decluttering the heart of the home will go a long way to freshening up a space. “The key to making it look as neat as possible is to display only your favorite items on the countertop,” says Kondo. “Anything that can go in a drawer or a cupboard should be put away. If you keep the area around the sink clear, it will be easy to wipe drops of water and maintain a clean kitchen.”

After the holidays, customers will need follow-up organizational items like storage for Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, lights, ornaments and décor. Sales for these storage items hit their peak in December and January. Get ready!

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