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Reference Boards Enhance Checkout Process

Every cashier no doubt has had to deal with a similar situation. A customer brings up a handful of nuts and bolts from the bulk sales section of the fasteners department. The customer doesn’t have the SKU number or size, which means the cashier has to hunt for the correct bin label to ring up the order, delaying the checkout process while the line backs up.

Susan Harlan, owner of Vickery Hardware in Smyrna, Georgia, found a solution. Her son, who is an artist living in Brooklyn, created a reference board with the popular bulk fastener items sold at the store.

“It’s an easy way to help employees reference those products and their prices when customers forget to label them,” she says. “It’s been very useful.”

A sample of each fastener along with its price is attached to the board. The board is two-sided and rotates so cashiers can quickly reference more than 300 SKUs.

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