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Resource Review

Resource Review: Building a StoryBrand

This book review is the final installment in a series Hardware Retailing is publishing to highlight resources retailers recommend to other operators in the independent home improvement industry. 

David Strano is general manager and co-owner of Ambridge Do it Best Home Center in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

David Strano,
Ambridge Do it Best Home Center

“‘Building a StoryBrand’ offers a different perspective on how to think about branding. You might have the greatest product in the world, but if you don’t get that message out, what’s it going to do for you?”

Strano’s Takeaways

  1. Become a Brand
    The book shares how your business can get better with branding. We know who we are, but are we portraying that to the customer? If you don’t have clear messaging, people will not engage your brand.
  2. Tell the Right Story 
    We need to share the story that we’re a family-run business and communicate it more efficiently. We need to clarify our branding message throughout the store and on social media.
  3. Be the Story’s Hero
    We have to be customers’ heroes by showing how we’re able to help them on a daily basis and gain their trust and respect. Employees don’t just have names and faces; they have experience and knowledge. They’re here to help. Most of them have been here a long time and have a lot of experience.
  4. Listen to Customers
    How do you beat competitors? It’s not always on price. We’re listening to our customers. We show them we care and offer the right product selection. That’s why people continue to shop here and continue to talk about us in a good way.



In multiple issues of Hardware Retailing magazine in 2020, retailers shared resources that have helped them grow as leaders and coach their employees to develop professionally. Read some highlights from those resource reviews here, then go to TheRedT.com/2020reviews to read them all.

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