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Restoration & Recovery

Emergency Preparedness was a featured area at the 2019 National Hardware Show® and has long been a large category in the industry. Home improvement stores are go-to locations for homeowners preparing for bad weather or recovering from a disaster. The category generally includes items such as flashlights, generators, medical kits, safety products, solar products and water pumps, but many restoration products also fit the category.

National Hardware Show vendor Abatron, Inc. highlighted their wood, concrete and wood repair products at the show. The restoration products can come in handy after weather-related damage occurs. The LiquidWood & WoodEpox Wood Restoration Kit includes a wood filler that bonds permanently to replace and repair wood, and a wood hardener that regenerates and waterproofs decayed and dried-out wood. The company also sells metal and concrete repair and restoration products that can be helpful before and after extreme weather.

During extreme weather, generators like those by Energizer® can mean the difference between a safe and comfortable shelter or a dangerous one. The eZG3500 is a helpful tool during a power outage, producing up to 3000 watts of electricity in 120V AC and 120/240V AC outputs for powering household appliances. It has a large fuel tank for longer run times. The never flat tires offer reliable transportation during tough conditions.

Extreme weather events are on the rise across the United States, and emergencies can happen anywhere. Retailers can help customers prepare for the worst by stocking emergency preparedness products and disaster recovery tools for homeowners and contractors.

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