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Selling Snack Foods for the Health Conscious Shopper

Snacking isn’t just associated with junk food, and snack foods that contribute to better health are expected to continue growing in popularity.

Key wellness-related reasons for eating snack foods include the “Nutritious/health benefit,” a “Healthy start to the day” and it’s “Better for me than other choices,” according to a report from The NPD Group, a market research firm.

When buying snacks, health-conscious shoppers are looking for whole foods or products with healthy ingredients and higher protein content, NPD says. For example, 55 percent of consumers prefer fruit for healthy snacking.

Applied to Retail

If you have coolers for bottled drinks and an area near your cash registers for impulse products, then you have the tools you need to sell the quick, healthy snack options consumers increasingly want.

Try dedicating a small amount of cooler space to yogurt cups, cheese sticks and fruit, such as oranges and apples. Or, add higher-protein granola bars alongside potato chips and candy, the classic favorites you probably already sell.

If you have the opportunity to buy fruit from local growers, then capitalize on two consumer trends: making healthier snack choices and buying locally grown produce.

Top 5 Healthy Snacks

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