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Selling to Animal Owners, Even if Pet Products Aren’t Your Niche

Millions of U.S. households own animals, and on any given day, these owners are in the market for everything from dog sweaters to pet-friendly home renovations.

According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly 60 percent of U.S. households own animals, and about 52 percent of animal owners made home renovations in 2016 with their pets in mind.

Even if you don’t have space in your store for niche animal products, you can still sell an array of items to pet owners.

pet products

Applied to Retail

If you’re already strong in the pet category, keep trends in mind so you can continue offering customers products that are popular. Trends in 2017 include items that are made in the USA, pet beds that are easy to clean and designer cat clothing, according to research firm Packaged Facts.

If animal products aren’t your niche, then consider what your business may already stock that isn’t pet-specific but can still serve animal owners.

Promote the materials owners will look for when planning pet-related home projects, such as fencing. Build a creative, handmade doghouse and display it with a short piece of fence that has products hanging from it. You can give customers project ideas through an attractive display showcasing the supplies you stock.pet products

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