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Social Media Tips To Increase Your Sales

Whether you like it or not, businesses like yours are often the topic of social media conversations.

On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and elsewhere on the web, consumers are publicly spilling their opinions and preferences for stores, products and services with family, friends and strangers.

Becoming an active part of your customers’ online conversations can help you increase sales — and goes beyond creating a Facebook or Twitter account of your own.

An article by Entrepreneur details strategies your business can use to boost sales in 2015:

  1. Get personal. 
    Social media can result in positive engagement with customers and build their loyalty, according to Entrepreneur. Don’t simply share product information and promotions on social media platforms. Draw extra attention to your business by sharing stories and images related to the industry. By posting a mixture of product-related information and more personal content, your customers will likely feel more connected to your store. Consider sharing throwback photos from your store’s history, pictures of your staff or interesting how-to advice .
  2. Prioritize customer service.
    More often than not, when customers have problems with a business, their first step is to complain on social media. Clearly you want to avoid angry customer reviews, but if they happen, respond quickly and provide a resolution. The article recommends responding to all queries within 12 hours. Be sure to promote the positive customer-experience posts your retail operation receives by sharing them on your social channels.
  3. Social and mobile go together.
    Nearly 85 percent of Americans say that mobile devices are a central part of their everyday lives, according to the Entrepreneur article. Be aware that a large percentage of your customers are almost perpetually using their mobile devices and browsing social media platforms. The article recommends providing instant purchasing options for the mobile shopper and offering product deals online.

To read the entire article and find additional social media tips, click here.

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