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Stanley Black & Decker to Begin Selling Craftsman Tools

Stanley Black & Decker will introduce its own line of Craftsman tools at Lowe’s and Ace Hardware stores in September, the Chicago Tribune reports.

In March 2017, Stanley Black & Decker finalized the acquisition of the Craftsman brand from Sears, but the purchase agreement allowed Sears to continue selling Craftsman tools at its stores.

Stanley Black & Decker recently unveiled its line of approximately 1,200 Craftsman tools, which includes “automotive tools, power drills, lawn equipment and storage boxes,” according to the Tribune.

Many of the products are similar to previous models, but some have been redesigned, including a line of power drills that now features “a new battery system and ergonomic design,” the article says.

Sears spokesperson Larry Costello says both companies are operating under a shared set of brand guidelines.

“Regardless of where the product was purchased, customers can expect that these tools meet the highest performance standards,” Costello says.

The Tribune reports that Stanley Black & Decker will pay royalties to Sears on all Craftsman products it sells for the next 15 years.

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