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Stock Tanks: Not Just for Livestock Anymore

Manufacturers as well as retailers have long sought multiple uses for single product lines in an effort to boost sales. Multi-use tools also appeal to customers who often drive inventive options with their creativity and economy. In a recent issue of Hot Products Hub, we focused on the many uses of Mason jars. Now we’re taking a fresh look at galvanized stock tanks.

Farm and ranch equipment manufacturer Tarter® offers many options in its line of stock tanks, including raised garden beds and fire rings. Landscape designers have used them to add interest to landscaping beds and patios. Galvanized stock tanks have also found new uses within the Tiny House movement as bath tubs and outdoor kiddie pools.

Available in sizes from mega 220-gallon oval tanks to round 40-gallon tanks, the shiny containers also make great ice buckets for backyard parties and water features for the garden. All of these alternative uses match nicely with the farmhouse as well as the industrial design motifs that are still on trend. For inspiration that is worthy of a share with customers, click here for an article by Houzz.com.

Oh, and galvanized stock tanks still perform their original use, as watering tanks for livestock. Many even have added updates, such as easy access panels for shorter animals, including pigs, sheep and goats.

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