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Don’t Ask These Questions During a Job Interview

A job interview can be nerve-wracking for the candidate, but it can potentially put an employer in a tricky situation, too. It’s important to be careful which questions you ask, as some that seem innocent can actually be illegal (or, …

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Show Your Employees Appreciation With Food and Fun

Employee Appreciation Day Every year at Dawson’s True Value Hardware, with two locations in Topsfield and North Beverly, Massachusetts, the management team hosts an appreciation event for its employees. Since many families and the store are extremely busy during the …

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Is Your Employee Handbook Up to Date?

If it’s been a while since you updated your employee handbook, chances are you’re missing some changes in legislation that could leave your company open to legal trouble. In addition to changes to federal laws, states often adopt their own …

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Resources for Leadership Development

Resources Leadership Development

Hardware Retailing’s February 2016 feature story, “Anatomy of a Leader”, talked about identifying and developing future retail leaders in your company. Leadership development is an ongoing process that’s never truly complete. Whether you’ve lead your staff for years, are a first-time manager or are …

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Anatomy of a Leader: Identify and Develop Future Retail Leaders

To view a PDF of this story, click here and download a resource that will help you determine what training program fits your store’s budget. By: Liz Lichtenberger llichtenberger@nrha.org, Kate Klein kklein@nrha.org and Scott Wright swright@nrha.org. The topic of leadership development has never been …

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Where to Find Leadership Training Opportunities

This list of resources provides an overview of online and in-person leadership training programs available to home improvement retailers. This overview is not comprehensive, but is a starting point to help you understand the options available, both inside and outside …

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Leadership Training on a Budget

Identifying and training leaders is a vital part of an organization’s success. To learn how other retail operations have recognized leadership potential, Hardware Retailing spoke with multiple retailers in its February 2016 issue. To provide suggestions for ways you as independent home …

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How Social Media Can Be a Powerful Recruitment Tool

Social Media Helps Hiring Process

Want another way to find job candidates or know more about current applicants? Search for them online. According to a recent report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), more than one-third (36 percent) of organizations disqualified a job …

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How to Lead Diverse Teams


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