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Biogas Digester System

Biogas Digester

HomeBiogas is a domestic appliance which converts organic waste (food, animal and human) into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer. It provides users with an off-grid solution to recycling daily food waste. The system has a 15-year lifespan and is made …

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Raised Garden Planter

Garden Planters

Raised Bed Planters can be used in the country or the city for edible or ornamental plants. The planters produce twice the amount per square foot as traditional gardens and can extend the growing seasons. Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment …

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Hot Products – June 3, 2020

Hot Products Hub

Window Clip (sponsored product) PLYLOX ™ ½ inch stainless steel hurricane window clip is a non-corrosive product used to board up brick, stucco or wood framed windows with a 2 inch to 3 inch inset. It is designed out of …

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Gardening Tray

Garden Tray

The Burro Buddy, a garden tray that sits over a wheelbarrow, keeps garden tools organized. The Burro Buddy includes long and short handle tool holders, a drink holder and a water-resistant compartment to keep a cellphone safe. The Burro Buddy …

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Marking Tool

Marking Tool

The MarXmate is a tool designed to quickly and clearly mark a surface. It serves as a companion for electrical, plumbing or building jobs and more. Each pen contains 250-plus bursts of removable green pigment and is capable of marking …

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Universal Handle Grip

Handle Grip

Re-Grip uses strong and durable material to provide a safe and comfortable nonslip grip to any tool, handle or lever. It shrinks and compresses to fit multiple handle sizes and comes in three diameters. Re-Grip resists solvents, water, shocks, vibrations …

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All-Terrain Hand Truck

Hand Truck

The UpCart® MAX 2 in 1 hand truck is rated for up to 400 pounds on stairs and converts from a six-wheel upright hand truck to a four-wheel platform cart. Nonmarking wheels can lock in two-wheel mode for improved maneuverability. …

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Reusable Shopping Bag System

Shopping Bag

The Cart Daddy Shopping Bag System allows users to organize and carry groceries. The bags can be expanded during checkout, and the different colors help keep food organized. The bags fold to store compactly in a car until the next …

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