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Tick and Flea Spray

Insect Spray

Summit Tick & Flea Spray kills and repels ticks and fleas outside the home, ranch and farm. Its active ingredient is permethrin, a tick killer that also kills fleas, ants, earwigs and other outdoor pests. Summit Tick & Flea Spray …

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3-in-1 Ladder

Multipurpose Ladder

The King Kombo™ ladder combines a stepladder, straight extension ladder and leaning ladder in a single tool. Using its three configurations, the King Kombo can fulfill 13 applications, including fitting in the 16-inch stud gap in construction. The ladder comes …

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Structural Steel Connection

Steel Connection

Yield-Link is a structural fastener for steel construction connections that requires no field welding and allows beams to be designed without supplemental lateral bracing. This results in fewer fabricated steel elements and field connections. These connections are designed to absorb …

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Paint Storage Bucket

Paint Bucket

Store and Go is a storage bucket filled with an eco-friendly and biodegradable gel that encloses a paintbrush’s bristles and prevents them from drying out or the paint from dripping off the brush. The gel leaves no residue and is …

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Rust Preventer

Rust Preventer

Rust Patrol® No VOCs is a multifunctional rust preventer and lubricant. It is designed to prevent rust in harsh conditions, especially those with high humidity and high salinity environments. It does not contain VOCs, which makes it safer for working …

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Spicy Honey


Mike’s Hot Honey is a sweet-heat combination of honey infused with chili peppers that adds a kick to food and drinks. Mike’s Hot Honey is committed to supporting domestic agriculture and uses 100 percent pure honey sourced from beekeepers in …

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Hot Products – Apr. 1, 2020

Hot Products Hub

Elastic Caulk (sponsored product) All homes move—a lot! Most window and siding caulks crack under the pressure (literally). Not Big Stretch. Big Stretch is super elastic with powerful adhesion, so it will never crack. It just stretches—up to 500 percent …

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Nail and Screw Guide

Nail Guide

The Safety Nailer™ is designed to guard the fingers of the user when swinging a hammer against a nail or turning a screw. Magnets in the guide hold the nail in place and reduce nail buckling during insertion. The guide …

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