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Screw Repair


Few things are as frustrating as a stripped screw hole. With Screw-It-Again™, it’s just four easy steps to secure an anchor spot. The product can repair a range of stripped hole sizes and snaps off easily for speed of repair. …

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Surfacing Material

surfacing material

Pour-in-Place rubber surfacing is suitable for a variety of applications, including pathways, playgrounds, pool surrounds, garden sheds, utility vehicle beds, ramps, stairs and any area requiring an attractive, impact-absorbing, nonslip surface. It is porous, which makes it suitable for many …

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Outdoor Tablet

outdoor tablet

The Moultrie Field Tablet is an Android tablet that features a 7-inch touch screen. It lets a user view their game camera images in the field while functioning as a full-featured tablet. It has 4 GB of internal memory, can …

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Insect Trap

insect trap

The Flylight Insect Trap provides up to 600 square feet of protection against flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. It utilizes DynaTrap’s proprietary AtraktaGlo™ Technology to produce a UV light, which is attractive to insects. The nontoxic StickyTech™ Glue Card …

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Kitchen Waste Bin

kitchen waste bin

Greenlid is a compostable and disposable kitchen food waste bin made from recycled cardboard. It is leak-proof and smell-proof, and as it breaks down with compostable waste, it produces nutrient-rich soil. The same bin can be used multiple times until …

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Grill Cleaner Tool

grill cleaner

The Q-Swiper Grill Cleaner uses a moist Q-Swiper Grill Cleaning wipe in combination with the Q-Swiper Grill Brush. It safely removes grease and grime for a clean and healthy grill. The Q-Swiper is bristle- and wire-free. Available in a kit …

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Ergonomic Paint Roller

paint roller

E-Roller is an ergonomic alternative that uses a proprietary design to take the stress off the wrist so a painter doesn’t experience pain for days after painting. E-Roller is able to apply consistent pressure utilizing the user’s major muscle groups …

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Water Plunger


The Johnny Jolter® PRO Power Plunger forces water, not air, to clear clogs without the need for a plumber. It draws water into a chamber and then forces it back out to clear a toilet blockage. The Johnny Jolter is …

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