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The Tomato & Veg and Rose & Flowering fertilizers are liquid fertilizers made from organic ingredients including fresh fish, seaweed, molasses, yucca and humates. They are specifically designed for plants with intense vegging and flowering stages. They can be combined …

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Truss Screw


Strong-Drive® SDWC Truss Screw can be used for rafter and truss connections, with stud-to-bottom or stud-to-top plate connections available. The screws are compatible with the Quick Stik™ installation tool as well as normal drivers. The full-threaded shank engages the entire …

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Entry™ is a salt-free, biodegradable deicing product that removes thin layers of ice and prevents new snow and ice from accumulating. The non-chloride-based liquid in Entry eliminates residue and granular tracking that damages carpeting and floors and is safer for …

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Ice Molds

ice mold

The Tiki Ice Molds create three detailed tiki-shaped ice cubes that cool a beverage without watering it down. The flexible silicone allows ice to pop out easily while handles on the tray create easy mobility. The stackable design conserves space …

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Rain Showerhead


The Raindance E shower range allows for versatility in creating a rain shower setup. The top showerhead can be mounted in the ceiling above the user or connected to the showerpipe along with the handshower attachment. Glass covers the showerpipe …

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Star Wars® Waffle Maker

waffle maker

The Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker is a replica of Han Solo’s spaceship from the Star Wars films. It can be used to create waffles, hash browns, cookies and other snacks in the shape of the iconic ship. Dual indicator lights …

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Ceiling Tiles

ceiling tiles

The 204 Lilies and Swirls tile design crosses over from traditional to modern design concepts due to a combination of swirls and a floral design. The tiles are made from PVC and have a depth of ¼ inch. The tiles …

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Water Testing Kit

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality of their drinking water, whether the water is from a well or from city sources. The Starter 20 kit tests for a number of water-borne hazards, including bacteria (like E. coli), chemicals …

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