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Reverse Osmosis System

Reduce wastewater and save money with the Circle RO Water Filtration System by Brondell®. The system features a compact unit that fits easily under most cabinets while leaving additional space. Its patented Smart Valve and reservoir are designed to significantly …

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Electronic Lock

A convenient way to secure the home, this lock by Oaks eliminates the need for a house key. Door codes work without the need for an Internet connection or Wi-Fi, and unique identifiers can be set for vendors, maintenance or …

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Electric Snake

Why call a plumber or use hard-to-handle manual snakes when a drill can power through those nasty clogs? Attaching to any electric drill, the snake follows the stationary plastic guide tube to the source of the clog. The safety clutch …

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Insulated Pliers


Channellock’s new line of insulated pliers includes 8-inch long nose pliers, 7- and 8-inch diagonal cutters and 8-inch combination pliers. They are designed for OSHA regulations for workplace safety and are tested to 10,000 VAC and rated for 1,000 VAC …

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Nonslip Bathtub Treatment

Bathrooms, and more specifically tubs and showers, can be dangerous places, especially for seniors or small children. The No-Slip Bathtub coating provides an added layer of friction resistance to tubs and shower floors, increasing the safety of these areas. The …

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Signal-Blocking Key Hider

Lucky Line’s Signal-Blocking Key Hider, the next generation of key hiders, features RFID-blocking fabric to prevent transmissions of wireless signals from hi-tech key fobs. Perfect for hiding a spare key, unintentional unlocking of vehicle or opening of trunk, multiuser business …

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High-Efficiency Showerhead

High efficiency is the name of the game with this American-made showerhead from High Sierra Showerheads. Clog-free even in hard water areas, the unit is conservative with water at 1.5 GPM, yet is designed to rinse clean even the thickest …

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Floating Shelves

There is more than one way to hang a shelf. Delta’s patented InviZibolt assembly system allows users to securely hang half-inch shelves without visible hardware or brackets, offering a modern look for today’s rooms.   Delta 800-474-6615 or designbydelta.com

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