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Aluminum Grill and Smoker

grill and smoker

The PK360 charcoal grill and smoker takes the traditional cast aluminum design of previous PK grills and adds a new stand and side tables. The interior architecture along with the four-point venting system is designed to optimize air flow for …

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Chalk Paint Starter Kit


BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder can be added to any brand and color flat latex paint to create a chalk application. The Starter Kit includes powder, one specialty paint brush and a wax brush, brush conditioning soap, mixing jars, mini …

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Extension Pole

extension pole

The Sturdi-Extend extension pole features a fiberglass outer tube with a steel inner tube. The pole incorporates a double-locking feature where the inner tube locks inside the outer tube as well as an exterior locking assembly where the tubes transition. …

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Filtering Water Pitcher

water filter

The Cleansui pitcher is the top-selling water pitcher purification system in Japan, filters water with a combined activated-carbon method and with a hollow fiber membrane at the end of the filter. The membrane removes fine particles up to 0.2 micrometers, …

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Gardening Scoop

garden scoop

The Soil Scoop is designed to dig toward the user, becoming a more natural extension of the hand and reducing stress on the user’s wrist while gardening. It features a sharp point and a serrated edge for removing weeds and …

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Sanitizing Washer Accessory


The pureWash Pro infuses oxygen into the cleaning water of a clothes washer, purifying and sanitizing while also cleaning the clothes or other fabrics inside. It works with cold water and no detergent and installs to front-load and top-load washers …

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Evergreen Plant

The hot, humid summers of the southern United States can be rough on many plants; luckily, the Agapanthus is one such flower that can withstand southern climates while retaining its beauty and vigor throughout the seasons. The Ever Midnight is …

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Entry Mats

Greet guests with a decorative welcome mat. Designed with safety in mind with a durable, nonslip backing, these coconut coir fiber mats come in a wide variety of styles, from traditional to whimsical, that can suit almost any consumer taste. …

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