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Spray Gun

When the heat of summer sets in, plants need water, and a great way to get them the water they need without waste (and without complicated irrigation systems) is to use a water spray gun. Morning Metal’s 7-Pattern Nozzle is …

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Outdoor Kitchen

Customizing an outdoor kitchen has never been easier than with the RTS Home Accents Outdoor Kitchen. The three pieces can be mixed and matched to fit most spaces and usage requirements. Available items include a corner unit, a straight counter …

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Knife-Sharpening System

Keep garden tools, knives and other blades sharp with AccuSharp’s Deluxe Sharpening system. The three sharpening surfaces include coarse, medium and fine stones to hone blades to their optimum sharpness, while the nonslip base keeps the unit secure during use. …

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Insect Trap

Don’t use harsh chemicals to keep flying bugs at bay. The DynaTrap Flylight is a pesticide- and odor-free way to rid spaces of flies and other flying insects. The exclusive AtraktaGlo™ technology lures insects into the trap where they become …

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Rabbit Wire

Both pets and livestock are happier and healthier if allowed some time to safely roam outside. For rabbits and other small animals, a fenced area in the yard is a great place to spend quality time without the danger of …

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Deck & Concrete Crack Cleaner

Why get down on hands and knees with a hand tool or break out the pressure washer? The Deck & Concrete Crack Hoe attaches conveniently onto a broom handle or painting pole and slides easily between the deck boards for …

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Air Compressor


The Whisper100™ Silent Air system has been paired with new programmable smart air technology designed to increase energy savings and decrease noise pollution. Users can program the date and hours of operation and set PSI ranges, RPMs and the time …

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Polished Chrome Power Grommet

power outlet

The slim, round design of Mockett’s recessed power grommet maintains a low profile with the surface level of a desk or counter, elevating to just 3/8 inch. Installation includes drilling a 3-inch hole, inserting the grommet from above and hand-tightening …

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