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Blade Dispenser

blade dispenser

The SEB100AD Single Edge Blade Dispenser provides quick and convenient blade access by utilizing a unique spring mechanism. Users can remove one blade at a time while seeing how many blades remain in the case. Blades are not paper-wrapped and …

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Driver-Drill Combo Pack


The 18V LXT® Lithium‑Ion Sub‑Compact Brushless Cordless 2‑Piece Combo Kit includes a brushless 1/2-inch driver-drill as well as a brushless impact driver, providing a solution for drilling, driving and fastening in one bag. The kit includes two 18-volt batteries that …

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Wooden Shutters


The Flex-Fence® hardware kit is a louver system used to create customized landscape design projects. The shades can deflect sunlight, shade, wind or unwanted watchers and can be used in the design of a fence, deck-railing, awning, pool enclosure or …

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Motion-Sensing LED Light

Get light when and where it’s needed, without the hassle of a switch. This 10-watt, 600-lumen product can be hardwired into rooms where a motion sensor would be ideal, such as closets or pantries. The auto-shut off activates approximately 30 …

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Smart Lock

Facial recognition comes to smart home security in this product from ECOXGEAR/Grace Digital. Available in bronze or stainless finish, the EcoConnect Home Smart Lock is weather-resistant, and easy-to-install. Unlocks with a second facial recognition, or can be unlocked with RFID …

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Cabinet Protection

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are expensive, so why not help protect them from everyday wear-and-tear? The Cabinet Hero is a product meant to protect cabinet doors and drawers from damage brought on by daily usage, such as chipping, spills and …

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Backlit House Address Plaque

Being able to quickly identify the correct house is critical for first responders, and illuminated house numbers go a long way to assisting proper location identification. This easy-to-install, hardwired plaque is rust-resistant, and is available in two sizes. The daylight …

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High-Illumination Flashlight

Flashlights with high illumination are one of the main tools consumers want in an emergency, and the Angle Bright delivers, with 180 degrees of bright, LED light. Additionally, this product also features a highly audible, 100-decibel alarm, which can help …

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